More Yoga & Dance for 2017!

me crystal bowl

Crystal bowl magic!

Last year brought intense joy and challenges for many (a test to see how bright we can keep shining!), but I have no doubt that this will be a year of ease & joy if we allow that to flow to us. We have added several new classes, including; meditation, bellydance, power, and a kundalini – yin infusion to help balance our energy for our optimal health!
Meditation is an amazingly simple way to allow for greater awareness, clarity, peace, and joy in our lives. The breath, and tools such as the crystal bowl, help us to reach deeper states of meditation. Every Tuesday Katie will be guiding beginners through meditation, and later open the studio up for those who need a peaceful space to practice on their own. She will be there to answer questions and support you as needed. We hope everyone has a wonderful new year, and that we can help you achieve your wellness goals for 2017!