Community One Year Party!

I can’t believe we’ve been officially open for one year already (we didn’t actually start until Sept 2016)! Such an amazing year, and definitely an inspiring journey! The community is definitely what has made this space what it is – learning and growing with each other, through yoga, meditation, dance, art, and many deep discussions. I have met some of the most incredible people, and feel so blessed to work with others who have complimentary values: supporting inspired growth in the community through various modalities. This has been such a rewarding year, and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey, and I look forward to even more growth for us all in the years to come!

Keep breathing in that white light and letting yourself shine!


Simple Tools to Ease Insomnia & Anxiety

Everyone experiences insomnia or anxiety at some point, at least. So here are some things I find helpful:

  1. Go for a walk in nature – rain or shine – moving helps get the blood & breath flowing, while allowing us to connect with nature
  2. Take a good look at your diet – what stimulants can you move away from? Sugar too!!
  3. ‘Screen Time’ – how much time do you spend with screens? make sure you end it at least an hour before bed
  4. Solo time – do you give yourself this gift? I know for some being alone without any stimulation can be …uncomfortable, but it’s good to connect with ourselves! This is the beauty of meditation. It gives us clarity, objectivity, and a better sense of ourselves…which only enriches our lives and relationships
  5. ‘Three hugs a day, that’s a minimum’ – Charlotte Diamond was right! Really hug someone (or your puppy), it’s good for both of you!
  6. Get oily – using high quality lavender oil (Young Living is my choice as it’s food grade) & rub it into your palms to breath in, or sprinkle droplets into your bath
  7. Precious stones – find some obsidian, quartz, hematite to place on your chest (I make necklaces from them so when I feel anxious from myself or picking up others, I put one on). You can also hold in your hand as you meditate. Wash in cold water after.
  8. My top breath (pranayam) choices for relaxation to ease into meditation – minimum 5 min each:
    • Belly Breath – deep inhales & exhales, drawing the breath to your belly to relax
    • Ujjayi – it sounds like the ocean with steady inhale & exhale flow through the nose. You can do this with yoga, moving with the breath
    • Diamond – inhale, retain, exhale, hold out each for the count of 3 building up to 5
    • Nadi Shodhana – balancing the right & left hemispheres as we only breathe through one nostril at a time. Inhale left nostril, exhale right, inhale right, exhale left, continue
    • Bee Breath – inhale deeply and exhale while you humm. You will feel this vibration in your upper body (chakras), connecting & relaxing you – much like the crystal bowl!
    • Sitali – curling your tongue like a straw, inhale, draw your tongue in & exhale through the nose (it’s a cooling breath and helps infants with fevers when they lay on their parents chest)
    • Chandra Bedha – inhale left nostril, hold both close retaining breath, exhale right & continue
  9. Energy Work on Yourself : ) Follow us on Instagram or search #meditationminute to learn ways to ground & protect your energetic body, breath tips, and more! Once you have the grounding, visualize white light entering through your crown chakra, reaching down into your roots, and radiating out through your body.

If you have any questions, please email me ūüôā

Why Do I Do Yoga?

Yoga is not about touching my toes…I am not flexible in many ways, but toes I can do! Many tell me they can’t do yoga because they aren’t flexible…but what if you could become flexible? What if, more importantly, you learn other things while you practice? More important things, like; breathing, where your passion lies, how to connect to, respect and love yourself?

To me yoga is about Alignment, Breath & Core (my ABC’s):

Alignment is about alignment with our true self, our purpose and values, then comes the alignment in the body for safety reasons in our practice.

Breath is pretty self-explanatory. If we don’t breath, we aren’t doing much! Breath should lead our lives and practice. It is through the breath that we can let go of our mind, and take an objective view. Our breath can show us our emotions – if we are anxious or at peace…it says so much!

Core, similarly to alignment, is our core purpose and values. Are we being true to ourselves? Secondly, it is about those muscles deep in our pelvis, supporting our body. Without a strong core, our posture and movement of our limbs are weak. With poor posture we slouch, can create physical pain, and are not open to the world. Think about someone who is slouched walking down the street. Do they look approachable and happy? Or perhaps down and not confident. Be proud, engage that core for your emotional and physical sake!

This is what yoga is to me: Connecting with ourselves, so we can connect with and support those around us.

Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Yoga Series

We are again offering Pre & Post-Natal classes with a twist! Katie has a love for and background in yin and kundalini, so we will draw on these elements to nurture and soothe our nervous systems. You are welcome to bring your little one for Post-Natal, where we will be focusing on re-gaining core strength, with some deeply relaxing yin. I’m looking forward to sharing with you during this special time!

#meditationminute series

Our #meditationminute series is available in it’s full form on Youtube, by clicking here. We hope you find this tips helpful! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Happy Meditating!

Opening to Your Dreams

This is a beautiful meditation to allow more of that which you desire into your life:

Find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably. Begin by closing your eyes and taking 10 deep inhales, exhaling through your mouth. Allow your shoulders & jaw to relax. We will just use the simple Ujjayi (ocean) breath, inhaling and exhaling through the nose in a continuous flow like the ocean. Feel the breath as it expands into your body, reaching down to your root chakra (at the base of your spine). Imagine a white cord extending from your root chakra into the earth – feel that connection. Continue breathing. Once you feel deeply rooted to the earth, draw this white light through your spine up through your crown chakra (top of the head), reaching into the stratosphere. As you continue breathing, imagine this white light continuing to flow through you, opening & bringing you into a weightless sensation between being rooted and reaching. Allow yourself to open to your dreams, feel the emotion of living these dreams flowing through you, and absorbing this emotion. Continue breathing and stay in this space as long as you like.

Namaste ~ the light in me honours the light in you

The Benefits of Breathwork or Pranayama

Breathing is something we take for granted, simply because we usually aren’t aware of it. But the breath is vital! Through breath we are able to change our thought patterns, calm, ground, and think more objectively. Even a simple, deep inhale and exhale pattern with our eyes closed is enough… and leads us into a meditative state. We explore the breath in all of our yoga and meditation classes, and of course you can¬†Follow us on Instagram for more tips!

Meditation for Inspired Living

North Vancouver Yin YogaThis picture is from one of my favourite of our special classes РJourney for the Senses, with the beautiful holistic doula, Raman. In this particular class, we bring out all the tools for deep meditation and release; essential oils, touch, somatic healing through the crystal bowl and tuning forks, music, and most importantly movement & breath. They help us dive deeper into the process of surrendering for greater inspiration. They help us loose our mind Рin the best possible way.

Meditation can be done at any point in the day, but I find in the morning it sets me up for a much smoother day. Little things don’t get to me. I feel more clear. It’s even more important to me than coffee…and many know how important coffee is to me! But the deeper I am going into more types of breath work (pranayam), the less I am needing caffeine…

Here’s a very powerful & simple breath you might want to try – Diamond Breath

Start by relaxing in a comfortable position with a tall straight spine (to allow better airflow). Using Ujjayi (ocean) breath – inhale through the nose for 4 seconds, retain for 4, exhale through the nose for 4, hold out for 4. If that’s too much, start with 3 counts. And continue this pattern as long as you like.

If you’ve never practiced Ujjayi, it sounds like an ocean and helps you to focus inward. Inahle down the back of your throat. As you exhale, push it out the same way (but keeping mouth closed).

Enjoy your day!

Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are a wonderful way to explore yoga and meditation.  Just as we all have different bodies, we have different needs and goals.

What works for one persons body (and may look amazing), likely won’t work for yours and may even be harmful. The shapes and lengths of our bones are different, and our flexibility changes from day to day. Small classes give the instructor more opportunity to provide greater support, but I know many of my clients have benefited from having at least one private session. Even I had to tweak much of my practice for my well-being, as I never had anyone show me correct poses when I started many many years ago. Little nuances can make a world of difference, to build greater strength or allow more flexibility in a safe manner.

My priorities when practicing (almost any sport & life!) are focusing on the core, alignment, and breath. If we aren’t breathing, chances are we aren’t doing much! Without proper alignment, be it in the body or our everyday actions, we aren’t going where we truly need to be.¬†And lastly, the core brings us strength – it is part of our foundation that allows us to stretch, move, and grow!

For questions or to book privates, please email

Spring Break Kids Camps North Vancouver

Join us for our Spring Break Kids Camps! We will be offering two weeks of exploring the chakras through yoga, arts, meditation, music, dance, nature, and creating!

Introducing children to aspects of yoga can help in so many ways! Children learn how to focus, increase awareness, gain confidence, and¬†calm and manage stressors…in addition to having fun!

Register now to get the early-bird rates and save up to $80!

We offer early drop-off and late-pick up too.