To further enrich your practice and life, a one-on-one session can be very helpful. We offer:

  • Private + Semi Private Yoga + Meditation with Katie
  • Doula + Prenatal Sessions with Raman and Katie
  • Bio-Energy Healing Sessions with Jon
  • Private Yoga + Mindfulness for Children with Alana – specializing in supporting children with sensory challenges and anxiety


“I have yoga private classes. It is very professional, inspiring, effective and motivational. I strongly recommend it.” ~ Andre

“I have joined Katie’s (for private) classes for the past 6 month. It has changed my life.” ~ Kam

“Jonathan has a natural ability to hone in on blockages and release them. After seeing him I feel incredibly light and totally renewed. He is a true gift” ~ Anonymous

“We sincerely appreciate the friendly respect Alana offers our daughter. The way that Alana accommodates her individual idiosyncrasies promotes and strengthens a very intimate relationship with her. Alana exudes a positive energy that lifts the mood of everyone in the room. Thank you for your unstinting support.”                   ~ Private Family Client