Studio 202 Classes:  

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  • $20 ~ Intro for 3 Classes
  • $20 ~ Drop In
  • $96 ~ 6 Classes

We also host many other amazing practitioners – please see Workshops + Events above for more details.


“I discovered Studio 202 when someone I know was co-teaching a workshop here with the owner. I’m so glad I went. The studio is a very welcoming place, conducive to peace and relaxation. It’s like a retreat away from our busy hectic lives. The owner, Katie, ensures everyone is welcome and is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your wellness goals. I’ve attended a few of Katie’s classes and always look forward to my next one. I intend to take yoga classes here regularly because of the beautiful studio and the wonderful people.”        ~ Farid

Power Vinyasa 

Join Kevin for this yin/yang class is designed to strengthen the body & core, work with breath (for greater calm & focus), and release muscles to prevent injuries. For those of us who like to keep moving, slowing down to stretch can be a challenge… this class is to help build that much needed time into your schedule to help prevent injury for life-long enjoyment of being active!

Mondays 630-745pm 


Meditation + Pranayama 

Join Katie to deepen your meditation practice, and learn tools to find greater peace that you can take into your everyday. This class is open to all levels, and perfect before bed.

Mondays 800-830pm



Join Anna for an all levels class, focusing on synchronizing breath with movement. We incorporate some longer holds within the sequence to work our endurance and increase flexibility.

Wednesdays 630-730pm



Clara offers Mat Pilates to strengthen the core & body, using the body’s weight to lengthen & strengthen. A great way to work the breath, gain body awareness, and enhance your postural alignment.  Connect to your pelvic floor, transverse abdominal muscles, and more while maintaining a neutral spine. Excellent for rehabilitation, postpartum women, and overall mindful strength building.

Wednesdays 800-900pm  


Mindful Mommas – Prenatal Yoga & Pilates Fusion

Join Clara for movement, meditation and breath-work designed for pregnant mommas. This holistic class blends Yoga & Pilates to support the prenatal body in integrated movements appropriate for all trimesters and the journey towards birth. Leave with a greater sense of body awareness, connection to baby, and support from other mommas to be! Clara is an experienced yoga instructor, doula, child birth educator & momma.

Saturdays 1100-1215pm (starts July 7)




This is a great class for women of all ages, especially pre & post-natal moms, as it gently strengthens the core, legs, arms, and relax the lower back. Milica shares her joy for Bellydance (Bellymotion) and makes it accessible to all levels. Find your feminine strength & get an amazing, fun, full-body workout!

Thursdays 600-715pm   


Yin Yoga

Join Katie for an evening of Yin and sound healing, allowing your body to reset through holding gentle poses and focusing on the breath. This process allows the muscles & fascia to release. Perfect for athletes or those with asthmas & chronic pain. Katie uses essential oils and the crystal bowl to help balance the body and to help you sink into a deeper meditative state.

Thursdays 800-900pm  


Alignment Series

Katie offers this unique series for all levels to deepen your knowledge of yoga and alignment, to support your body and any specific needs. Katie has significant experience supporting those with low-back issues, osteoporosis, arthritis, and asthma. All are welcome – new yogis and those who have been practicing for years. Maximum 6 participants.

Saturdays 1200-100pm



Deepen your meditation & balance your nervous system with Donna guiding you through Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This comprehensive traditional yoga weaves meditation, physical exercise (kriya), sacred sound (mantra) and breathing techniques (pranayama) into each class. Kundalini is a powerful mind/body technology that guides you within to experience your true SELF.

Sundays 900-1030am


Restorative Yoga

Join Amy for a chilled out session to help you get a solid night sleep before a fresh week! This therapeutic restorative targets deep into your muscle tissue to release tension that you may have rooted in the deepest layers of your body. You are guaranteed to leave the class with a feeling of lightness, release, relaxation, and a deep sense of peace within.

Sundays 730-830pm