An oasis of inspiration for mind, body + soul. We offer small classes for adults + children, to support your well-being. Why 'Studio 202'? Two is linked to creativity + zero symbolizes connection...the greatest joys in life!

“A place to feel very welcomed and nurtured. Katie is so warm, caring, and genuine and she truly cares about everyone’s well-being. Each yoga class I take with her feels like I’m getting a one on one class with her.  Bellydancing with Dinah is also fun and a great workout!”        ~ Charmagne

“A beautiful and tranquil space. A great place for yoga, mediations and other workshops. Check it out!”           ~ Natalie


We are love. We are light. We are limitless. We are one.











Linda has been in the business of teaching and serving others for most of her adult life. Evolving professionally from the corporate world, the Education system to Small business owner (True Essence Yoga), to a full time student of life. Her most authentic expression of self is as a certified AAMET Advanced Level 3 EFT Practitioner, Matrix Reimprinting, Creative Group Facilitator, movement & Energy Medicine Enthusiast, Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and Mixed Media Artist.


Amy was inspired to practice yoga as a form of moving meditation, a way for her to leave everything behind and focus on the present moment. Very quickly she discovered this was a new way of life. A daily practice that went well beyond the asanas into pranayama, meditation and so much more. She creates a warm, welcoming and light hearted space, that is safe for people to gather and explore their own body, breath and mind. Her unique fusion of therapeutic restorative makes its way into all of her classes whether it be Restorative, Kundalini, Vinyasa or YOGA for Youth.


Shideh took her first Kundalini yoga class in 2014 and completed the Radiant Child Kundalini Yoga teacher training shortly after. She was drawn to the teachings and noticed her body’s relaxed state during the meditations that Kundalini yoga offered at the end of each class. Upon realizing how Kundalini helped her heal Type 1 diabetes, Shideh left her demanding corporate career to complete her Kundalini Yoga Teacher training at Yoga West. Shideh feels that Kundalini Yoga has saved her life, allowing her to live an authentic life, and do something real that is aligned with her soul’s purpose.

Young Living Oils

We use Young Living oils in our classes (and daily life), as they are the purest oils available. Young Living owns their own farms to ensure 'seed to seal' quality.
As they are free of fillers, you can use for them for health, cleaning, and indigestible oils for cooking! Want to learn more? email Katie below with your wellness goals (or your top 2 health concerns), or you can simply purchase your own clicking the link below.



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