The purpose of Studio 202 is to learn, share, inspire & grow!
We offer yoga, meditation, arts & more for all ages & levels.


In addition to our classes, we host many special events with instructors from near and far, to enrich your life!


  • July 24-28 – Kids Summer Camps!
  • Aug 11-13 – Art of Living Workshop
  • Sept 29 – Intro to Mantra & Kirtan
  • Sept TBD – Baby & Me Foot Reflexology


Studio 202 is a beautiful, bright space designed for yoga, pilates, dance, art, photography, health and wellness.

We are easy to access with lots of parking. You can fit 20 mats comfortably (800sf)


  • yoga supplies
  • sound system
  • support in marketing your classes & events
  • support in collecting payments through our website
  • sub assistance if you can’t teach

Please email for rates & details


We are love. We are light. We are limitless. We are one.


Katie founded Studio 202 to bring inspiration to the community through movement, meditation & art. Her classes are based on having fun with movement, while connecting to the breath to nourish the mind, body, and soul. She brings her life-long love for meditation and techniques to balance the nervous system into classes, to best support her clients emotional and physical needs. Katie combines her joy of over 20 years of coaching, instructional design, and other experiences to her class designs. In addition she holds her 200Hrs, Kids Yoga, and Prenatal Kundalini certifications.


Oksana is the Director of Uma Yoga College where she trains yoga teachers in diverse styles of yoga, and provides mentorship and specialty programs for students of any level. Her love for Kundalini can be felt in her energetic approach for life. Oksana holds her 500Hr certification.


Alana draws upon breath-work, yoga, and exploring the mind-body connection to help children and youth find their own sense of inner calm and strength. Her classes use music, art, journaling, and games in a playful way to keep classes fun and engaging. Alana holds her Bachelor of Child and Youth Care (BCYC), is a trained Behaviour Interventionist, and has been working with special needs children for over 10 years. She also holds her 200Hr, Children’s Yoga & Yoga for the Special Child® certifications.


Cyndy is a retired elementary school teacher from the North Van community. She holds a 5 year degree in education, Yogafit Canada Level 2 certification, as well as Yogafit Seniors certification. Cyndy found Yoga in 2007 when she was playing on an over 30 ladies community soccer team and has never looked back. Her passion for nature and developing children’s self confidence through a variety of physical activity has always been important in her teachings throughout her career and her healthy lifestyle.


Jonathan Moore has a unique ability to heal the physical body through working with the emotional and soul bodies, using human atomic-energy field enhancement which triggers the body’s healing mechanism. Jonathan offers private sessions in studio or in home.


 Joan is an International Spiritual Intuitive Reader with over 25 years experience offering clear, concise Psychic Readings. Joan is a Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Clairaudient. As an Energy Healer, Teacher, Master Tarot Reader, she loves to share her gifts with her clients.  In a Reading or Healing with Joan one comes away with a fresh perspective for the Souls Journey. Classes, Crystal Therapy, and Group Meditation are also offered. Questions are encouraged.


Dinah has trained extensively in a variety of dance forms from a very young age, but bellydance has been her main dance focus for the last decade. Her teaching style focuses mostly on technique, while sprinkling in the artistic & emotional aspects, and attempting to foster an environment of body positivity and feminine energy.


Raman Holat is a Holistic Doula, Psychosomatic Therapist & Bodyworker.  She is passionate about empowering and assisting the community with offerings of holistic approaches, emotional release sessions utilizing energy work,
essential oils, tuning forks and crystal singing bowls. Her full bio is available at

Young Living Oils

Katie uses Young Living oils in her classes and daily life, as they are the purest oils available.
Being free of fillers, so you can use for the whole family, cleaning, health care, and some for cooking! Want to learn more about these oils? Join us for the next Meditate & Create class or email us below.



1761 Capilano Road
North Vancouver, BC
Phone: 778.246.2960